Some non-professional things about myself

  • I am the kind of person that is motivated by challenges.
  • I practice Yoga.
  • I like to go surfing and stand-up paddling.
  • I like reading. Currently reading: Fourth Wing by Rebecca Yarros. Current book recommendations: The Light Pirate by Lily Brooks-Dalton, Station 11 by Emily St. John Mandel.
  • I like to play chess.
  • I like [drone] photography.
  • I play Saxophone since childhood, but only at Christmas these days.
  • I am learning to play Ukulele (on hold).
  • I have an inner voice – not everyone has one.

Some photos

Beach Mood, Voropør, Denmark, June 2020

Hiking in Blaubeuren, Germany, July 2023

Secret Island, Sweden, June 2022

Yoga on a Rock, Sweden, July 2022

North Sea meets Baltic Sea, Skagen, Denmark, August 2021

Kruemel Robusto in Grena, Denmark, August 2021

Day trip to Venice, Italy, July 2022

Sit-down Paddling in Germany, June 2021

About this website

Whenever I need to look up something about myself, I look here first. If I don’t find it, I add it. I use this website as a playground for web technology and design (so expect relatively frequent changes).